Interactive Community Tours showcase various interest points (sites, events, people, etc.) of a community. When these interest points are regrouped under a pertinent theme or geographic region, it then becomes a tour.

Users have the option of listening, reading or seeing the tours via smart phones or electronic tablets. In the context of this project, these tours are offered free of charge to its various users, whom could be pedestrians, motorists, motorcyclists or even cyclists.
Here are a few details:

a)      In order to go on one of the available tours, you must have access to a smartphone or a tablet with a 3G network.

b) You will need to use the link to the web application to start your tour on your smart phone or tablet. This web link is available on the ‘Link to Application’.  It is possible to access the application on your computer with the html version of the application, which is a choice available in the ‘link to application’ section.

c) Select the desired tour. This tour will consist of several interest points.

One of the available tours’ the steps to follow’ will provide you with more details on how to use the application if you are using for a first time.  It is detailed in 5 steps:

Step 1 – Adjust the parameters

Step 2 – Select your tour

Step 3 – Select your starting point and begin

Step 4 – Other information

Step 5 – In case of problems

The following video is also available and it will provide you with details on how to use the application.

Electronic tablets are available free of charge

Please note that we have ten electronic tablets that are available to the public free-of-charge at various locations in the community:

Note : In order to borrow a tablet, you will be required to leave a piece of identification and a credit card number to ensure the equipment is returned in good condition.
For assistance please contact:

Le Centre culturel ARTEM
324 avenue Whitewood
New Liskeard, ON

Téléphone 705-647-8500
courriel info@centreartem.org

New Liskeard

Centre Culturel Artem
324 avenue Whitewood
(705) 647-8500

Centre touristique et bureau de la chambre de commerce
883356 route 65
(705) 647-5771

New Liskeard Municipal Library
50 avenue Whitewood
(705) 647-4215

Centre de santé communautaire a Témiskming
20 rue May sud
(705) 647-5775


Haileybury Municipal Library
545 chemin Lakeshore sud
(705) 672-3707

Haileybury Heritage Museum
575 rue Main
(705) 672-1922


Cobalt Mining Museum
24 rue Silver
(705) 679-8301

Cobalt Bunker Museum
24 avenue Prospect
(705) 679-5050


Earlton Municipal Library
(705) 563-2717
35 – 10e rue